Dog Sitting

Most everyone enjoys the company of good old dogs. But, have you ever thought of making a living out of babysitting them?

In the summer, my family friends go on vacation for weeks or even longer and ask myself if I would watch over their dogs at their home. This summer I agreed to watch two households full of dogs.

At these homes, the families ask if I would care for their dog(s); including; feeding, letting them outside, walking, cleaning any messes they make, etc. These families are very kind and also include food for me for the week. In return, I clean their house before they come back from vacation.

I don’t set a charge for the families and accept anything they want to pay me. I’m a poor college kid who enjoys getting new things so money is money to me.

Watching the dogs is not hard either because most dogs warm up to me very easily. I enjoy spoiling them and making sure they are loved at all times.

I believe this job is very ideal for someone with a part-time job or even someone in-between jobs.

I also work at my part-time job while I’m watching these dogs so I’m gaining even more money.

It’s so much easier than babysitting and a lot more relaxed. If you’re an animal lover, I highly recommend asking on your local selling Facebook page if anyone is in search of a dog sitter. You can also ask your friends or coworkers if they are in need of someone. My best connection is my mom since she knows most everyone in town from her work.

I recommend meeting the dogs and previewing the house before agreeing to dog sitting. Sometimes the dogs may not like you and it could turn into a disaster.

Best of luck if you consider taking on this job.

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5 Summer Outfits 2017

Summer is just around the corner and it’s my favorite season for fashion reasons. I’ve created a few outfits that I believe will make you look on point and in with the summer trends this year.

If the items are sold out, click on the title of the outfit and it will take you to the outfit on Polyvore and the items will come up. If you click on the item, it will come up with similar items that you can purchase.

1. Pineapple Paradise


I adore yellow for the summer time so I had to include at least one outfit with the color. Off the shoulder pieces have been trending for almost a year now and I find them very flattering. Pineapples are everywhere this season so to make a plain outfit fun, pair it was a cute unique purse.

Dress – ShoesPurseHat Glasses

2. Retro Rachel


This outfit was inspired by Rachel Green from Friends. I love 90s fashion and I love incorporating this generation of trends in with it as well. I believe if you were to crop the sweatshirt, it would look more modern and highlight the shorts as well. The sunglasses give it a more retro vibe as well.

Sweater ShortsShoesPurseChockerHatGlassesLipstickTights

3. Red Hot


Red is such a bold color. If you’re daring enough, try spicing up your outfit with red accent pieces. Even pairing a black and white outfit with red lipstick makes you look for fashionable.

TopShortsShoesPurseNecklacePhone CaseGlassesUmbrellaLipstickNail Polish

4. Ballerina Blush


This outfit is more for the girly, wanting to dress up kind of girl. Blush pink is defiantly this years color for the summer. Anything and everything is in blush.


5. Casual Crook 


I designed this for more of an everyday look. If you want to throw on something easy, this is it. You’ll look like you tried but you also didn’t at the same time. The embrodered pants give the look a more trendy appeal.

ShirtCropped TopJeans ShoesPursePhone CaseHair BandGlassesBelt

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Summer Bucketlist

Summer, for some reason, is always the time people are making bucket lists. They think that this summer they are going to do such amazing and exciting things. Since I’m me, I decided to join the bandwagon.

Here are ten things I would like to accomplish summer 2017.

1. Spend more time outside

Yes, that is a little pathetic. I just happen to always spend my free time in my bedroom watching Netflix. Bugs and the sun just aren’t my friends. Being pale, I’m always sunburnt and have to wear a whole bottle of sunscreen when I want to spend time outside. Bug bite and fly around you and are just annoying.

2. Get in shape

This always ends up on my bucket lists but I never end up doing it. Honestly, I don’t see it happening this summer either. I think we all want that ‘perfect’ summer body. I just don’t know if I’ll have time between my summer class and working to actually properly work out. I do enjoy taking walks with my pupper but that’s again when I have free time.

3. Learn new makeup techniques

I’ve been completely addicted to watching makeup tutorials again. I love how people are so original and so creative. Makeup is a way to express yourself so that other people can see your personality or even just your talent. I try to branch out from my usual warm toned looks but it’s just what I go towards. I’d like to try more products as well. I’ve been using the same products for over a year and I have got too comfortable using them to branch out. I don’t like wasting my money on something that doesn’t work for my skin.

4. Have badass hair

I’ve already had badass hair in the past. If you know me in real life, you probably remember my pink hair, my gray hair, my orange hair, my colored bangs, my dark hair, my bleached hair, literally every color that exists has been in my hair. This summer I want to have rose gold hair and then when that fades I want just nice light brown hair with highlights. I’m so sick of having hair that only has one color in it. I feel like it’s bland and boring.

5. Go to one concert

I really want to see Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Fitz and the Tantrums, Glass Animals, Bruno Mars, Bastille, Katy Perry, Halsey, Milky Chance, Lady Gaga, etc. Of course, I work at a minimum wage job and won’t even be able to afford to go to one of these. I also have no friends who have the same music taste that will go to the cheaper concerts anyways. It’s always nice to dream though.

6. Learn how to put fake eyelashes on properly

This is probably the only one that I can actually accomplish. For some reason, I can never put on my eyelashes on evenly. I know it takes time and practice but I’m a very impatient person. I want to be able to slay like the makeup community.

7. Be a part of the makeup community

This is never going to happen when I, 1: I can never take nice pictures of my good makeup days. 2: I can’t do amazing makeup anyways. I really love makeup, ask anyone. I just will never be as good as these 13-year-olds on Twitter.

8. Redo my bedroom

I was actually going to do this last summer but never got around to it. I still need to take my old carpeting out and paint my walls. I bought new bedding and pillows last summer. I will gradually get there. I have a feeling that once I’m finished, I’ll be done with college and be moving to a city.

9. Learn how to make my own clothing

I’ve always wanted to learn how to construct my own clothing. I know it takes a lot of work and time but I honestly want to learn. I will be taking a clothing constructing class in the fall semester but I’d like to get a head start. I also have been watching coolirpa on YouTube. She really inspired me to try to transform clothing into something I would wear. PS: Check out her videos they will blow your mind.

10. Grow my social media

I’d really like to get back into Instagram. I used to post at least twice a week and I completely neglected my feed. I also would match my feed in some way, either by similar color or even filter. I just stopped and I’ve been losing likes and follows because of it. I’d also like to gain follows on Twitter to try and make it in the makeup community there. The most important field I’d like to grow is this blog. I’m already completely blown away how supportive people are but I’d love to get readers who aren’t friends of mine or people who I know.

I’d love to hear what you guys really want to do this summer. It’s a time for adventures, so take one.

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Summer Adventure: Episode 1

Today my mother and I took a little adventure. I needed to return some textbooks I rented from Amazon so we had to drive to the nearest UPS, which just so happens to be next to the DMV. A little fun fact, I’m 20 years old and I have yet to get my drivers license. So, after I dropped off the packages, my mom made me practice parallel parking. The reason I don’t have my license is because I failed the parallel parking. I practiced about 5 times and every time I did it right. The problem I have is this little thing called test anxiety. I may know something but if you test me on it, I don’t get it right. I also had the worst instructor on this planet. I swear he psyched me out on purpose.

I asked my mom if she would mind taking pictures of me for my Instagram. She and I took a trip to the local campground and she took some shots of me by the lake. Taking pictures is always so awkward for me. One, I can not take pictures if other people are around. Two, I never know what I look like before the picture is taken. Three, I damn well know 90% of them are going to be so ugly because they are pictures of myself. This is why I usually stick to selfies but, as you soon will know, I’m very extra and I like to express that side of myself.

These are the ones that turned out okay. IMG_1082IMG_1165IMG_1088IMG_1177

I’m no model but it’s always fun to play pretend anyways. I completely apologize if you find me unattractive.

I just want to thank everyone that has been showing me support so far. Sorry, this is a short post but I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.