10 Shows to Watch This Summer On Netflix

1. Supergirl


I myself am a huge superheroes fan. I enjoy watching superhero movies and the TV shows. It, of course, is originally on the CW. This network is just amazing at picking up brilliant shows. All of my favorite shows originally aired on the CW.

Supergirl is about Superman’s cousin, who is technically older than him and was sent to guide him. Her ship was thrown off and she reached Earth a lot longer than her cousin. She also didn’t reveal she was an alien until she was much older. She fights other aliens and makes it look so badass. Superman is also featured, which makes me happy because he’s my favorite. There are only two seasons but I highly recommend the binge.

2. Sherlock


Yes, the episodes are more like movies but man is it worth it. Every second of the episodes will blow your mind. It’s so brilliantly done. The acting, the camera work, the editing, everything about this series is amazing. The current season literally blew my mind. If you love twists and action, just watch. You will not be disappointed.

Sherlock is literally just a modern take on the famous Sherlock Holmes novels. I adore the modern take and it makes it so much more entertaining.

3. The Office


I don’t care that you’ve already watched every episode before. You must rewatch it. This is my go to show if I have no idea what to watch. It’s hilarious and Jim and Pam only get better every time I rewatch.

The Office is about a document of a paper company. It takes you through the lives of a small paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The fact that it’s based in Pennsylvania makes it ten times funnier because it shows how boring life is here. The characters are so thought out and the acting is just perfect. Everyone in this show is so funny and you will find one character that you just love the most. Mine, of course, has to be Jim. Watch the show to put yourself in a good mood.

4. Riverdale


I really didn’t want to like this show but, again, CW never disappoints. There is murder, a love triangle, and Cole Sprouse, what more do you need. This show is completely crazy. I binged the whole show the day it came to Netflix and not for one second did I want to stop watching. If this show gets canceled, I will blow up. It’s so good.

The show is based on comics, Archie. The show is based around a murder of the richest family’s son. They believed he just drowned in the river but it turns out he was shot and all the kids in town need to know why and how he was killed. While they are doing that there is drama with a new girl in town, a love triangle, Archie’s music career, and so much more.

5. One Tree Hill


Are you even surprised that I’m suggesting another CW show? I really really didn’t want to like this show but I was sucked in. The first few episodes made me want to die. Two half brothers fighting over a spot on the basketball team… such high school. But then Brooke was featured and she made the whole show for me.

The show is originally just about the Scott brother’s fighting over how Lucas got on the basketball team. There is a love triangle at first but Nathan falls for someone he never thought he would fall for. Brooke is just a slut in the first few seasons but she knows she’s worth more and shows the world that. Lucas fights for the girl. Peyton stays her badass self. I just can’t explain what the show is about. If you’re into drama, just watch.

6. Supernatural


This show has been running for years and there is a reason for that. The show just keeps blowing my mind. The love between Sam and Dean makes my heart melt. Castel is the most beautiful angel ever. Oh, of course, it’s on the CW.

Supernatural is so hard to explain. Sam and Dean hunt monsters, demons, the supernatural. But, then you throw in Heaven and Hell, the apocalypse, love triangles, sex, angels and demons, family, people dying, people being brought back to life. There is so much going on that you can’t stop watching.

7. Parks and Recreation


This show has to be one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s funny, relatable, and has a strong female lead. You wouldn’t think a show about the smallest part of government would be so successful but it’s amazing. It’s similar to The Office but I actually like Parks and Rec a little better. Andy and April are litereally Colton and me.

Parks and Recreation is about Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department. You get to know all the personal lives of all the characters and grow to love them.

8. Jessica Jones 


Surprisingly, this is the only Marvel TV show I enjoy watching. I recommend all of the Marvel movies but the shows that Netflix brings to life are just missing something. Jessica Jones is so good. I’m personally a huge fan of David Tennant and he did not disappoint as Kilgrave.

Jessica was controlled by Kilgrave to be in love with him. Even when she gets away, he finds her again. She then gets her revenge.

9. Girlboss


It’s a really funny show with such a strong female lead.

Sophia is in her 20s and can’t keep a job. She then buys a jacket at a thrift store and sells it on eBay for more than three times the amount she paid for it. She then realizes that it was her calling and she starts to sell vintage clothing online for a living.

10. Call The Midwife

Call The Midwife

This show is adorable and almost educational. You follow these few midwives around the poor side of the city and watch them deliver babies and help the families during pregnancy. I’ve just recently started watching it but I really like it so far.

11. The Royals


This is not exactly on Netflix but it’s still an amazing show. You can find it on Amazon Prime, but it only includes the first two seasons.

It’s a drama about love, murder, revenge, and the royals of England. Every single episode blew my mind. It’s well written and the acting is just perfect. I highly recommend this show.

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