5 Summer Outfits 2017

Summer is just around the corner and it’s my favorite season for fashion reasons. I’ve created a few outfits that I believe will make you look on point and in with the summer trends this year.

If the items are sold out, click on the title of the outfit and it will take you to the outfit on Polyvore and the items will come up. If you click on the item, it will come up with similar items that you can purchase.

1. Pineapple Paradise


I adore yellow for the summer time so I had to include at least one outfit with the color. Off the shoulder pieces have been trending for almost a year now and I find them very flattering. Pineapples are everywhere this season so to make a plain outfit fun, pair it was a cute unique purse.

Dress – ShoesPurseHat Glasses

2. Retro Rachel


This outfit was inspired by Rachel Green from Friends. I love 90s fashion and I love incorporating this generation of trends in with it as well. I believe if you were to crop the sweatshirt, it would look more modern and highlight the shorts as well. The sunglasses give it a more retro vibe as well.

Sweater ShortsShoesPurseChockerHatGlassesLipstickTights

3. Red Hot


Red is such a bold color. If you’re daring enough, try spicing up your outfit with red accent pieces. Even pairing a black and white outfit with red lipstick makes you look for fashionable.

TopShortsShoesPurseNecklacePhone CaseGlassesUmbrellaLipstickNail Polish

4. Ballerina Blush


This outfit is more for the girly, wanting to dress up kind of girl. Blush pink is defiantly this years color for the summer. Anything and everything is in blush.


5. Casual Crook 


I designed this for more of an everyday look. If you want to throw on something easy, this is it. You’ll look like you tried but you also didn’t at the same time. The embrodered pants give the look a more trendy appeal.

ShirtCropped TopJeans ShoesPursePhone CaseHair BandGlassesBelt

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10 Inexpensive Clothing Sites

Being a bargain shopper is something that is in my blood. Both of my parents raised me to make sure I knew how to stretch my dollar. I’m always looking for sales, clearance, or just cheaper stores in general. There are items I believe are worth a little more money but for fast fashion items, I’m not going to Guess or Tommy Hilfiger.

Keep in mind, you are paying for the look not the quality with these items. They are not going to last you all of your life, let alone college. Also, make sure you read reviews on the items that catch your eye. It may not be expensive but you also don’t want to be buying garbage.

1. Forever 21

Let’s get the obvious site out of the way first. Yes, so many people recommend this site or store. There is a reason for that. Most of the clothing is under $20. They carry fast fashion but some pieces are a little bit more unique. If you want to look like everyone else, this is your store.

romper $10.00 clips $2.90 t-shirt $8.90

2.  Boohoo

This is a company over in the UK. It’s completely brilliant. This happens to be my favorite store. I’ve bought shoes, formal dresses, summer clothing, accessories, the whole nine yards. Make sure you chose the correct country to get the right sizes and prices. They are always running sales so check in daily to see if the items you want are on sale.

playsuit $26.00 sandals $26.00 shirt $36.00

3.  Amazon

Amazon has been upping their game with clothing. You can find so many amazing clothing for not a high price. Yes, they do sell other items that are a bit more expensive but if you set the setting from low to high, I’m almost sure you find something you like. Also, if you have prime, you get free two-day shipping. How great is that?

shir$14.99 hat $24.00 dress $12.99

4.  Missguided

This is another company based in the UK. They have such high-quality things for not that high of price. There are some things that are a bit steep but you can find some amazing things in the sales. They are also always running sales so check back every week to make sure you’re not missing out on something. Also, if you’re a college student, you get 50% off nonsale items.

joggers $11.70 shoes $21.60 dress $12.60

5. thredUP

I’m all about thrifting so to have such a popular thrift site is a dream come true. I honestly wish I would have thought of it first. You can get everything you want at such a low price. If you’re okay with wearing something that someone else has worn, check out this site.

shirt $9.99 dress $18.99 skirt $16.99

6. Tobi

You receive 50% off your first order. Yes, you read that right. They completely sucked me in by just offering that. They are always running amazing sales. Their clearance is beautiful. Everything about this site is amazing. I highly recommend just buying one item to give it a chance.

dress $16.00 jeans $19.00 skirt $23.00

7. Rue 21

Since most of the stores around me have closed, I’ve begun to order things from their website. They honestly are one of my favorite stores. They have such inexpensive things that are so comfy. I love their home decor as well.

bodysuit $8.49 sweatshirt $5.00 cropped shirt $10.49

8. LuLu’s

They are at a higher price point but still worth a look at. There are some affordable items in the sales section. They have such stunning pieces. They are at the higher end of things but you are paying for quality with these garments.

pants $29.00 heels $27.00 dress $32.00

9. ClothingUnder10.com

I’ve never purchased from this site but I’ve only even heard good things. Most everything is under $10 so it’s worth a shot to just buy a few things. You won’t be breaking the bank with just giving it a chance.

dress $12.99 shorts $9.99 shirt $9.99

10. SheIn

I’ve also never ordered anything from this site. It is a wholesale site but this is one that has got so many positive responses. I will most likely be ordering some items from this site in the near future. I recommend looking up recent YouTube reviews that show the good items they got instead of straight from the website. If you guys would like me to do a review on the site please comment telling me I should.

dress $19.00 purse $21.00 shirt $15.00 

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