Fall Semester Bucketlist

The fall semester has officially started. It’s yet another year at the beautiful campus of IUP.

Autumn is a time for change. Here are ten things I would like to accomplish throughout my fall semester.

1. Plan ahead/Don’t procrastinate

I’m completely terrible at actually doing assignments ahead of the due dates. I’d really like to be as stress-free as possible this semester. My classes aren’t the easiest and they will only get harder as I go through my junior and senior years.

2. Get a campus job

I’ve had work-study before and never applied anywhere because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time. This semester I would like to try and tackle a job to have extra money for food, sorority related items, and bills. My only worry is that I will slip with my school work or not be as connected with my sisters.

3. Be nice

If you don’t know me personally, I’m not the nicest person in the whole world. I used to be actually. All through my life, I was trampled on because I was the nice, quiet girl. I then decided that enough was enough. Now, it’s just got out of hand and I’m basically just a bitch. I’d really like to be nicer but not as nice as I once was. I want to be kind gestures out of the blue and make people smile.

4. Start a YouTube channel

I’d really like to start a small channel this year. I know I won’t have a lot of time to make the best quality videos but, I would like to try. I’ve been obsessed with the thought of making a channel for such a long time but I am just a socially awkward human. You basically have to talk to yourself but then when you upload, you’re talking to hundreds of people.

5. Have a Successful Recruitment Season

Fall is much different from spring recruitment. It’s harder to get girls interested. You basically have to rely on your sisters to know girls who would be interested in joining or talking to girls in your classes in hopes they are interested as well.

6. Having a Normal Sleep Schedule 

Unfortunately, this semester, I have an 8 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday so, I want to be as alert as possible. I’ll never be 100%, due to the fact I’m not a morning person, but I’d like to try. Coffee is going to be my best friend this semester.

7. Use The Gym

I’m paying for the school’s gym anyways. I might as well take advantage of it. I’m not the workout, fitness type of girl but if it’s close and convenient, I might as well use it. I just won’t be giving up my pasta, pizza, or fast food.

8. Study Harder

I’m terrible at studying. I don’t think I’ll even get the proper handle on how to study. I easily get distracted, don’t know what to memorize/understand and what to ignore. I love professors that give me study guides because if not, I never feel prepared enough. I like to know the subjects to spend my time on and what to know but not get too hung up about.

9. Appreciate The Amazing People In My Life

I basically do this already but I feel like I need to show them more how much they mean to me. I have made amazing friends while at school. Most of them will be graduating this year so I need to show them how much they have affected me in a positive way.

10. Enjoy The Little Things

College goes by so quickly. You only will see these people on the daily for a short period of time. I need to appreciate college memories a little bit more than I already do. The years through school have been up and down for me. I’ve had bad moments and amazing moments. I don’t want to dawn on the bad but rather on the great.

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Packing 101

It’s finally August, meaning, it’s finally time to go back to school. Freshmen are over packing and seniors are taking the bare minimum. I’m currently going into my junior year of college and here are a few tricks I have learned over the past two years of packing for school.

Don’t Wait Till Last Minute

It seems a bit obvious but you’d be surprised how many people are still going to wait a few days before they have to go to school to actually pack.

I waited until two nights before I went to school my freshman year and still ended up packing the morning I was supposed to be leaving. It will leave you more stressed and make you not want to go even more. I know I waited because I couldn’t get myself to believe I was going to college, but it’s happening people. It’s time to start packing.

Start packing, at least, a week in advance. You’d also be amazed how many things you forgot because you waited until last minute.

Make a List

When packing, try to be as organized as possible. This will make this process less stressful and you feel accomplished afterward.

Start with school supplies, then your bedroom, then the kitchen, then the bathroom. Take it one room at a time. Don’t go from one room then to another and back to the first room. This will make it more confusing.

Talk to Your Roommate

Your roommate just might have that one item you don’t have for the kitchen. Also, make sure your roommate is okay with sharing. Most people are okay with it but some people like their things to themselves. Make sure you’re at an understanding.

Talk to them about your class schedule, when you shower, when you go to the dining halls, if you’re in any other activities, if you’re thinking about joining any activities, what your major is, if you already have friends, if you’re single or not, when it’s okay to bring people into your dorm, if they play loud music, when they go to sleep/when quiet time should be, where you like to study, the list could go on but honestly ask them these things to make sure you two don’t get at each other’s throats.

Marking Boxes

My mom is the best person when it comes to packing. We use reusable totes we bought at Walmart and organized each box with the room/items are inside of it. I have a box for cleaning supplies, kitchen, desk/school supplies, bedroom, winter clothing, and holiday decoration. I do have some random boxes that I put things like clothing, makeup, books, food, and anything else I need for school.

Be Prepared to Forget Something

It will never fail that I will forget something in my bedroom back home. I will double and then triple check my list and think I have everything packed.

Don’t feel like an idiot that you forgot to buy command strips or a curtain rod for your room. Hundreds of people will be at Walmart with you buying these things nodding their head as they see what you are buying.

Also, look and see if your college town has anything other than Walmart because it’s going to be crazy. I usually go to Dollar General, Big Lots, or the Dollar Tree first to see if they have what I forgot. When worse comes to worst, I do take a trip to Walmart.

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